Monday, July 27, 2009

Best Tool For Wetting Felt

I must admit that I especially love the fact that I can felt anywhere, anytime, without needing special tools.  I tell my workshop students that the method of nuno felting that I teach can be done in hotel rooms which, coincidently, are equipped with everything you need.  I know, because I've done it!  Not only in a hotel room, but on a recent Scandinavian cruise I found some beautiful wool in Helsinki and that night in the tiny bathroom of our cabin I made felt. 

However........I have always, in the many art forms I have explored, gravitated towards the best tools I could find. So hotel rooms and shipboard cabins aside, I hereby offer up:
With it I can wet down my work without disturbing the design, and use the hottest water possible without burning my hands.  I've shared this nifty tool with my students and it's always love at first squeeze.  You can find one of your very own at: 

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Nuno Felt Scarves

I guess my fabric dyeing adventures have been occupying a lot of my recent attention, and as a result I have been a bit lax in listing my new scarves on Etsy, but I more than made up for it this week by listing over a dozen new ones!  You can see them all here.  Now I can turn my efforts to making more nuno felt with the fabrics I have been dying.  

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Learning to Dye Silk and Cotton

It seems like I am in constant pursuit of just the right color of silk and cotton fabric for my nuno felt pieces.  So, it was just a matter of time before I finally learned some easy ways to dye my own cloth, just the way I need and want it to be. Karen Dietz, a student of mine taught an intro to dying class this past week and I've been off and running ever since.  For practice I am dying and painting white flour sack cotton dish towels, and cotton napkins.  I'm excited, both with the fun pieces I am making and how much I am learning.