Sunday, May 24, 2009

Group Effort Mosaics

My friend Kirstin Green is a fabulous mosaic artist, and beyond. This week she took me on a tour of the large wall mosaics at Coronado High School, each permanent installation a class project taught by Kirstin and executed, with her help, by the students.   Coronado High has changed dramatically since Kirstin was a student there.  She can be proud of her contribution to her alma mater which will be enjoyed for generations to come. You can go on Kirstin's web site and see these pieces in entirety, but this mosaic of the mosaics offers a sneak peek of the fine quality of this work.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

At Home With Purple

Having indulged  my wanderlust all week, I'm representing purple Friday with samplings of my own, close to home, purple endeavors, including a look at  Burt's beaded leather.  I did toss another Turkey picture in the mix, the purple plates, because everyone liked the blue ones so much.  I have had lots of fun with color week,  especially, for me, remembering so many wonderful sights, and tastes, and beautiful people in the colorful places I have been fortunate enough to visit.  Lisa, thank you so much for offering up this opportunity to contribute to a beautiful effort, and connect with other like minded bloggers. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reds and Pinks in China

Strong and beautiful, red is the color I most associate with China.  
Here are images that represent the color of China as I saw it.  

China, Old and New.  I like taking pictures of people, especially babies.
All over China we saw Americans and Europeans with their 
new Chinese baby girls, just like the sweet little one in the picture above.

Pinks in china

Shanghai Pagoda

Africa Orange and Gold

Color week has me revisiting all the wonderfully colorful places I have been fortunate enough to travel to.  For Orange and Yellows I went to my pictures of  Africa.  Our first big exciting trip was to South Africa with Beadventures
That trip was magical and I came home with a suitcase full of great finds.  I don't bead much anymore, having become obsessed with FELTING, but I treasure all the beautiful beads and handcrafts we brought home from Cape Town, and Quazulu Natal, and I find pleasure in remembering our exciting adventure.  I look forward some day to exploring more of this fascinating continent. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Tuesday in Ireland

This mosaic is really a nostalgic picture story.  Burt and I spent a delightful week of artistic community in the lush country side that is Mulranny, County Mayo, Ireland.  We comprised a like minded bunch eager to share ideas and learn.  A small group, but multinational,the United States, Canada, Ireland, England, and South Africa were all well represented. We had  a lot of laughs, made and saw a lot of art, and ate a lot of really good food.  I can't help but smile when I think of that trip. 

The Blues of Turkey

Thinking of blue , blue like the sky, blue like the ocean, sent me browsing through my photos of Turkey, where I found great inspiration for Color Week Blue Monday and for my first attempt at a mosaic made in PhotoShop. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Felt is NOT a food group

Try telling that to my boy Monty.  Yesterday he got into the studio while I was gone and ate a piece of magenta pre felt.  While I admire his color choice, things did not go well.   I will spare you the details, but he did seem to be getting rid of the excess fiber and I thought all was well until 1:00 am when I woke to the sounds of one very distressed pup.  So of course we wound up in the doggie emergency hospital.  They fixed him up, I paid the bill, and this morning he is a more subdued version of himself, but recovering nicely.  Do dogs, at least smart little poodles, get cause and effect?  His breeder thinks he should, but I wouldn't bet a $$$$$$ trip to the emergency hospital on it! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nuno Felt Scarf Workshop

Last weeks Nuno Scarf workshop was the first class since the studio renovation.   We all loved the natural light, and  being able to feel the delightful spring air and enjoy a view of the front garden in the bargain!  Though small, only room for three students in the scarf class, they proved to be a very productive group.  You can see each of us wearing our favorite scarf from the two day workshop.   I'm offering another Nuno Felt Workshop on June 1 & 2 and on June 8 & 9 another scarf workshop for students who have attended the Nuno Felt Workshop.  Between teaching and doing my own work, I'm able to immerse myself in my favorite activity, nuno felt.  How lucky can one gal be!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let the Sun Shine In

After two years of working in our windowless garage, we decided that the cars are never going to be spending time in there and we are, so we said good by to our garage and hello to a light bright studio space in it's place.  Now we have french doors and windows onto the beautiful view of our front yard. 

Quite a change for the better.

My friend Kirstin of Kirstin Green Custom Mosaics made the studio sign

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Talmadge Art Show

Is always "the" place to find quality hand made art and crafts.  Burt and I have been doing this show, both in the spring and fall for 5 years now.  The work I have shown at Talmadge has evolved from beaded jewelry, to my present and always focus on FELT!  It was, as always,  a good show for both of us.  My display is simple, as I show pillows and scarves/shawls only.  We were  in "our corner" by the French doors.  The splashes of wool, leather and silk colors draw folks into our space and we had lots of great talks and happy customers checking us out. 

No bag or tissue for this woman who insisted she wear her new scarf, and as I watched her walk away, I admired for the last time the soft gauzy piece of Nuno Felt gracefully draped around her neck. Oh yes, that one was called Mangos and Peaches. There was great interest in my Nuno Felt Workshops.  I passed out a lot of fliers for my May 11 & 12 and June 1 & 2 dates.  My friend Susan who owns the Grove, the coolest place to knit in San Diego, stopped by, very excited about my felt pillows, she blogged about the show including very nice photos. 

Burt enjoys a good chat with a customer.  
His beaded leather is so unique.  The guy has a bit of a following , 
in fact, two previous customers came back, on Sunday, 
Tracey loved the belt she bought from Burt.  Tracey's company Razmajette, makes beautiful handbags with vintage elements and wonderful fabrics, so she has a keen eye for fine fashion accessories.