Sunday, May 24, 2009

Group Effort Mosaics

My friend Kirstin Green is a fabulous mosaic artist, and beyond. This week she took me on a tour of the large wall mosaics at Coronado High School, each permanent installation a class project taught by Kirstin and executed, with her help, by the students.   Coronado High has changed dramatically since Kirstin was a student there.  She can be proud of her contribution to her alma mater which will be enjoyed for generations to come. You can go on Kirstin's web site and see these pieces in entirety, but this mosaic of the mosaics offers a sneak peek of the fine quality of this work.  


  1. Oh wow. What great mosaics in this mosaic. She sure is gifted.

  2. Beautiful work indeed! Love the mixed in pebbles, and the sunflower!