Monday, May 4, 2009

The Talmadge Art Show

Is always "the" place to find quality hand made art and crafts.  Burt and I have been doing this show, both in the spring and fall for 5 years now.  The work I have shown at Talmadge has evolved from beaded jewelry, to my present and always focus on FELT!  It was, as always,  a good show for both of us.  My display is simple, as I show pillows and scarves/shawls only.  We were  in "our corner" by the French doors.  The splashes of wool, leather and silk colors draw folks into our space and we had lots of great talks and happy customers checking us out. 

No bag or tissue for this woman who insisted she wear her new scarf, and as I watched her walk away, I admired for the last time the soft gauzy piece of Nuno Felt gracefully draped around her neck. Oh yes, that one was called Mangos and Peaches. There was great interest in my Nuno Felt Workshops.  I passed out a lot of fliers for my May 11 & 12 and June 1 & 2 dates.  My friend Susan who owns the Grove, the coolest place to knit in San Diego, stopped by, very excited about my felt pillows, she blogged about the show including very nice photos. 

Burt enjoys a good chat with a customer.  
His beaded leather is so unique.  The guy has a bit of a following , 
in fact, two previous customers came back, on Sunday, 
Tracey loved the belt she bought from Burt.  Tracey's company Razmajette, makes beautiful handbags with vintage elements and wonderful fabrics, so she has a keen eye for fine fashion accessories.


  1. I could lose myself in your display!!! Yummy!

  2. Oh my mom would love to meet you and learn from your way of working. She works with felt a lot too. I might put up some pics on my blog soon to share her works.