Sunday, September 6, 2009

Felt Without Borders

There's not much of a nuno felt community where I live. Not like painting or pottery where you can check out local galleries that show and sell those pieces. But good fiber art galleries are hard to find locally, which is why I so appreciate Etsy and the opportunity it offers me, as a nuno felt artist, to see what others are doing with the medium, as well as building friendships and sharing ideas with like minded felters. For me, this all goes under the heading, "Can't get enough felt!"

So a couple of months ago on a visit to other "Etsyans", that is Felt making Etsyans, I came across Joni Cornell, and her Etsy shop. I love the way Joni blends the colors on her scarves, the simple details and spikey fringe. In particular I fell in love with an avocado green, brown and black number. I had already sent Joni an email telling her how much I liked her work and in the course of our back and forth art chat , we hit on the idea of an exchange, the scarf I had fallen in love with in her Etsy Shop for one from my Etsy shop .

Kirstin models the scarf that Joni chose.

I love holding Joni's piece in my hand and knowing it came all the way to me from Melbourne, Austrailia, where I have a friend in felt.

I have used Joni's scarf as a runner so I can spread it out and enjoy all the beautiful colors

From one end to the other.


  1. Your colour blending on this runner is amazing, like the colour of dusk blending into night and dawn into daybreak. love it.

  2. PS. You definatly have a felting friend fan in Israel. Elaine

  3. Elaine, thanks for your comments and friendship! I'm glad you liked the post. I'll pass your comment on to Joni Cornell, the artist who made the runner. I fell in love with it for the very qualities of blended colors you mention.

  4. I'd like to take the credit but I bought this roving from Jacinta Leishman (she has a shop on Etsy called 'Jacinta11'). She's truly an amazing creative dyer. I took a workshop with her a few months ago (as she says - she likes to pass on her skills so that she doesn't have to work as hard) and since then have been dyeing my own wool and silk. Jacinta's collaborator is Rae Cummings and Rae does the cellulose dyeing for cotton fabrics and yarns. Rae can also be found on Etsy as 'RaesRags'.
    Having given credit where credit is due - I must say that I love the way Arlene has used the scarf as a runner. I wouldn't have thought of it but now that Arlene has, it's given me other possibilities...

  5. Both are beautiful - what a perfect spot to showcase hers!

    And as far as the nano-felt community in your area - it's you and all who you touch!!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, Arlene. What a lovely idea, a trade. I think you made out. This runner is so pretty.

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  8. Wow, I love this runner and all your nuno felt shawls. What a good way to explore.