Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Table Runner

The table runner idea has taken off in my head. Here is the second one. I have almost finished a third one, and have plans for several others. This design is an abstract exploration of nuno felting with a variety of different materials, such as cloth, yarn, and fiber, to see how they work together.

Layering bulky yarn, and textured yarn under the sheerest gauze,

As colors blend in this piece of felt, it takes on the feeling of a watercolor study.

The elements are strong, and the colors rich in the final result,
a runner for our buffet.


  1. Hi Arlene,

    what a lovely colours! and for the design: it inspires me to just let my creative juices going an not to do so much thinking and searching for symmetry in shapes and layout.


  2. Cotton gauze does do wonderful things in felt...and you've shown it off beautifully. Nice color choices, too.

  3. wow...I love the table runners....lots of color and texture...very inspiring!!!

  4. Yummy feast for the eyes and all the variety in color and texture .

  5. What a great, practical use for art. The shapes, color, textures all work together so beautifully.

  6. How lovely! These are my favorite colors in the whole world...and it looks just perfect with the other decorative items on your buffet. I'm happy to see you making yourself beautiful things!! :)

  7. It is always a treat to see what you are up to!