Friday, October 28, 2011

Felting on Whidbey Island

To work in a room with lots of natural light is always a pleasure. But to also have the most peaceful and beautiful views out of the windows was a real treat.
Together we spent four fabulous days of felting. Beginning with the basics of Nuno Felt,
we moved on to scarves, then felted rope bracelets and cuffs, and finally........

Stringy Thingys!

Nothing could give a teacher more satisfaction than happy participants,
enjoying every minute........

and being delighted with their efforts.
Thanks to all of you for a wonderful retreat!
A very special thanks to Beverly Ash Gilbert for making it all possible.


  1. What fun...and wonderful projects!
    I 'covet' that beautiful pottery mug in the stringy thingys photo! :)

  2. Hard to be anything but creative in such stunning long as you can drag yourself away from the view for long enough!

  3. What a wonderful retreat! The people, the view, the food (oh...the food) and the ended too soon for me. Thank you to Arlene and Beverly.