Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flexible Felt Bracelets


  1. These are wonderful Arlene. So inventive! Love them.

  2. I love these bracelets, Arlene, and would like to try my hand at making one. Is it wet felted around the wire? Or is the wire somehow strung through after making the tube?

    1. s_trevethanPlease see my reply below.

  3. Subject: make a wire/felt bracelet!

    OK, here it is in condensed form.

    14 or 16 gauge copper or brass wire.
    Cut in a 10"-12" or so straight piece.
    Roving: split in half lengthwise, maybe half again,
    Lightly draft the wool as you wrap it snugly around the wire, and itself, until it is the thickness you would like.
    little water on the ends to hold down the wisps.
    Once you have wrapped the wire you set it all gently in a pan of very warm soapy water, holding it in your hands.
    Gently at first squeeze and roll. The piece will develop a sort of skin
    and then you can go to town rolling and hardening the felt.
    I roll on a rubber groovy matt The sharp grooves felt the ropes up fast and firm. But there are other surfaces to use as rubbing matts.

    The bracelet is very easy to make and people love them as gifts.
    After you make the first one you will know how long you like your wire,
    how much wool to wrap onto the wire, how it shrinks, and how you wish to finish the ends.

    Ends: You can leave the unwrapped wire ends long enough to add a bead and create a stopper or .
    make a coil or loop at each end, maybe hang a charm of some sort from the coil or loop.
    Or you can cover the wire completely and taper the ends. Get creative!

    Finishing: Rinse in clean water, squeeze out soap, let it soak in a vinegar and water bath for 15 minutes or so. Squeeze out
    water. the roll it lightly on a towel to tame the roll.

    Wearing: Bend the bracelet in a circle to rest around your wrist comfortably. Press gently at the top and the bottom of your wrist to
    create a slight oval, and the bracelet stays in place!