Friday, December 2, 2011

Student Work

Beautiful pieces of Nuno Felt made by students in my basic class.

Hand painted roving in Tequila Sunrise colorway
provides a spectacular background for Nuno Felt

Exciting piece of pre-felt!

Vineyard colorway lives up to it's name.

This first time felter had fun playing with color and materials.


  1. Beautiful and yummy color. You've talented students as you're.

  2. What a wonderful color fest. Clearly that magic of yours seeps right out your fingertips and into those you teach. Gifted, all. I'm in love with the piece you identified as pre-felt. Thanks for the inspiration, there is some pre-felt in the next room, now calling loudly.

  3. These turned out really lovely and looks like you have probably turned a few more people into wool addicts .