Friday, June 14, 2013

Prize Winner!

I spun a color experiment and entered it in the State Fair, and
it won 3rd prize!  I love the Shady Glade color way from Abstract Fibers.  
So I spun one hank of that roving that I first blended on my drum carder, and then 
spun the other hank from split lengths of the same roving.  Not the best picture
of the yarn, but a dandy shot of the prize ribbon! If you look closely, you can see
the blended yarn on the left, and the split roving on the right.


  1. Stunning! Congrats, Arlene! I recently started spinning and love the Zen of it....I hope that I will spin as well as you in the coming years!

  2. Pat, Thanks for the note. Spinning is wonderful on so many levels. I also am new to it. Spinning just since this past fall. I love it! Say, did my husbands cousin Lillian touch base with you? She took to laying out that wool like a pro in my studio while she was visiting.
    I hope you two connected.
    Happy 4th!