Thursday, February 26, 2009

Salon Bella

This morning I headed to Salon Bella for that great haircut I get from Kathy.  I promised the girls last time that I would bring my scarves for them to see.  They couldn't quite figure out how the wool ends up on the fabric, but they just loved the end result.  Now they want to come to a workshop and learn how to do Nuno. 

Dixie was enchanted with the soft and wispy Hazy Purple Print Nuno Felted Scarf, and rather than take it off, bought it on the spot.  I think Kathy looks elegant in the Shibori Triangles Nuno Felted Scarf.  I am always pleased to have my work so appreciated.


  1. Hallo from Italy and congratulation for your works!!!
    I took my first felt workshop this January and I'm definitely in love with felt. I'm going to take my first nunofelt workshop at the end of March. I'm only a beginner but I do love it!!!
    I gave a look to your Etsy shop...the felt and silver Jewellery is gorgeous and so are the scarves! Hi from this side of the Ocean, Rosa