Friday, February 20, 2009

Starting Out

So much is happening in my life around my felting and I would like to share these experiences. I have enjoyed reading other artists blogs, so.....I am starting one for myself. 

I am a fiber artist primarily creating  nuno felt.  Over the years I have enjoyed many avenues of artistic expression.  I was a potter for many years, a glass artist, and a beader.  But along the way I have always had a close kinship with fabric and fiber.  My mother was a seamstress and knitter extrodinaire and she taught me sewing and knitting when I was a little girl. Several years ago I discovered felt. Fabulous, freeing felt!  For me it combines the love I have for textiles and fiber, the stunning color I found in glass and beads, and the malleability of clay.  I am at home with felting, both in the pleasure of creating my own work and sharing my love of this exciting medium by teaching. 

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