Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweaters to Dog Beds

My friend gave me a lovely burgundy and navy sweater.  Well actually after telling him  5 or 6 times how beautifully it would felt up, he finally took it off and gave it to me.  Then my son in law came up with a gray and red striped one which he found, of all places, at the dump in Hope, Alaska.  My little Monty got a dog bed made from the dark one, and my daughter's Duncan got the striped one.  They match their personalities perfectly, Monty being a stylish guy and Duncan  a perennial puppy.  


  1. lovely dog's...... i have a white one too, a bichon frisé!

  2. Thats such a great idea. Making dog beds out of sweaters. I love it!
    Thanks for the great idea!