Friday, March 20, 2009

Vibrant Springtime ~ Start to Finish

This scarf is built around one of the old scarves I found at the rummage sale.  You can see it in the bottom center of the picture of all the silk in my last post.  I used merino roving, handspun Irish yarn, curly wool locs, and silk hankie in my design.  I love the softness of the work as it is laid out before felting.   I thought it would be fun to show the scarf in the making. 

And then show the finished piece.  To see more of what I call, "Vibrant Springtime", check out the listing for this piece at my etsy shop.


  1. Love it! Fabulous to see the process - you have me inspired. Is your table as long as your scarf, or do you work in pieces?

  2. I have two 6 ft by 30" Lifetime folding tables and one 2 ft by 24". You can see how I like to keep my tables in my March 2 post, before I got the 2 ft one. I sometimes line them up end to end ( 12 ft by 30"), but with the small table I have more flexibility and can keep the two big tables making one big work table. I bought the tables at Costco for under $50 each. They have the telescoping legs, but Costco no longer sells them. I paid $80 for the small one on line.
    Hope that helps and I would love to see where your inspiration leads you.

  3. Lovely piece...nice color combination. Isn't nuno fun?