Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barri Gotic

There are several reasons why I want to go back to Barcelona, not the least of which is to roam through the narrow, stone paved streets of The Barri Gotic again. This part of the city, my favorite, dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries, when it was built inside the old Roman walls. Today, trendy restaurants, tapas bars and unique shops are creatively housed in these old buildings, and sit side by side of Roman ruins and the remnants of ancient churches.

An arched passageway leads to the courtyard of an old church.

Some of the streets are so narrow, and the buildings so old that
you can almost shake your neighbors hand across the street........from your balcony.

one street leads into the next.....

Perfect for a stroll day or evening.

Each passageway is an invitation of discovery.

Little cafes in small squares bring light into the dense streets, and
provide a place to meet friends and neighbors,
and stay connected to the life of the neighborhood.

I think I could enjoy living for a while in this kind of urban area. The fascinating streets, the old and older buildings, the lively plazas, interesting shops, restaurants and cafes, museums, and history everywhere. So, maybe not to live in Barcelona, but certainly worth another visit.

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  1. Barcelona is a very beautiful city with lots of interesting things that gives you a lot of inspiration. I love Spain, it's my second home.