Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunny Barcelona

We returned last week from a holiday in Spain. We visited Madrid, Granada, Sevilla, and Barcelona, my personal favorite. Gorgeous, and classy, with the unique charm of Gaudi and his fanciful structures to add spice to the mix, Barcelona has it all. A meeting place for us, was The Arc de Triomf, a beautiful arch at one end of a wide pedestrian walkway. From there it was a short stroll into the medieval part of the city, the Bari Gotic, and the lovely Picasso Museum. I couldn't get enough of those narrow streets, architecturally rich with wonderful restaurants and unique shops, and history.

We walked by the arch many times and the fellow below was always there, playing his trumpet

On this sunny Sunday, after a long stretch of rainy weather, people were out walking and visiting. This group of children were drawn to the music. As their parents visited with friends, they were more than happy to sit and listen
I have lots of wonderful pictures of Spain, from the narrow ancient streets of the big cities, to the countryside with it's endless hills of olive trees. I'll post them in bits and pieces for all to enjoy.


  1. Thanks for sharing these, Arlene! Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  2. how delightful! i hope to visit spain on my 50th. i don't know why i chose spain, but i'm looking forward to it. i hope you share more soon.

  3. Lisa, you will not be disappointed! I lived in Alaska, but went to NYC for my 50th. I think Spain sounds just as good!