Monday, November 22, 2010

Talmadge Art Show in the rain!

Yesterday was another great Talmadge Art Show here in San Diego. In spite of the threatening weather, we had a fantastic turn out. The growing reputation of this show, in it's 20th year, brought lots of new people and old friends out on a rainy day to see the best in art and quality craft items around.

New this show, for me, were my new art batts. A specialty item for sure, or so I thought. But, as I commented to a fellow felter, the soft almost magical quality of the carded wool was so compelling, that I sold many to people who were not felters or even crafters, but just wanted to take one home! They were the first batts I made on my new drum carder, and I discovered that everyone found them as delicious as I do!

Set up is always a challenge.

I love the mixing and blending of my felted pieces with Burt's leather.


  1. Wow, so many beautiful, vivid colors! You are very talented. I'm loving all of these things. I wish I could make such works of art. I love the scarves especially- so warm and bright!

  2. Lindas ideas, excelentes combinaciones, felicidades

  3. Wow,so beautifull,thank you for sharing.I like it very much!

  4. nice... I respect people who create something and you do it pretty well! :)

  5. Hello I just found your blog through 'Blogs of Note'. It is a feast for my eyes. I can't wait to spend some time looking at more of your posts and checking out your items on Etsy.


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  7. Your work is so colorful. I just want to touch everything! Congrats on being named a blog of note the other week. You're invited by my blogs if you have the inclination and the time! Thanks.

  8. I love your work. I am most certainly going to visit your Etsy site for some Christmas presents! Just opened my own Etsy shop and trying to learn!

  9. Well done! it must take alot of talent and patience to create things like this.
    Check out ma blog.

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  11. Hi again, loving your site, but was puzzled by the term NUNO. Even though my chum Brenda Marshall creates similarly gorgeous things in her English workshop, I've never heard her mention the NUNO word. Now I know she is a NUNO felter; can't wait to tell her! Keep up the good work.

  12. Wonderful woolen collection really.. I love to wear them in this winter..Colour combinations are fabulous..