Saturday, February 25, 2012

Textile Dreams In Laguna Beach

I am very excited to show my work at Duet, in Laguna Beach, California
Martin Venzal, the owner of Duet, sought me out after a customer of mine
came into his shop wearing one of my nuno felt gauze shawls.
Color and a flare for art to wear is the scene at Duet.
The way Martin and his staff have displayed my shawls
brings a new perspective and liveliness to my work.

Laguna Beach is a beautiful beach town
with first rate shopping, dining, and scenery. We have enjoyed many
a day trip from San Diego, to meet friends and take in the ambiance.
I am delighted that my nuno felt has found such an ideal home there!

Duet is located at 290 Forest Ave.

"Brilliant Bands" is prominently displayed in the window.
and you will notice the
beautiful leather and nuno handbag they paired with it.
(more about that in a minute)

"Gaudi Evening", inspired by a visit to Barcelona,
is draped casually over an antiqued vase.
"Bright Lattice" is a perfect compliment to
an elegant green dress and hat.
I really like the way they paired up the "Caribbean Rainbow" shawl with that
familiar looking beaded purple leather handbag.

"Day and Night", silk and wool
nuno felt scarf.
We brought more work to Duet last week and
took the opportunity to show Martin Burt's unique leather handbags.
I had a feeling he would love them, and he did!
On several of the handbags Burt has incorporated pieces of nuno felt
as is the case with "Red on Red" in the window, and "Rusty Turq", below.
"Violet", leather and nuno felt


  1. Congratulations on having Duet carry yours and Burts beautiful work. Very fun and colorful, perfect for Laguna Beach.

  2. Gorgeous work Arlene. Glad to hear that you're in my neck of the woods. I'll go by Duet & check it out. You should check out my blog that I write for my jewelry design students.

  3. Your pieces and the bags look like they found the perfect much life in that store, really makes chain store fodder look sad and boring .

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments and emails!

  5. Congratulations! your pieces look wonderful - gorgeous shop too.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog - you're entered in my draw.

  6. All so lovely!! Fabulous displays - all my best!

  7. How exciting! Well done you.. I hope you get lots of sales! Love both your work and Burts leather & leather/felt bags! Really beautiful

  8. Beautiful work - wish I had seen it when I was there