Friday, April 17, 2009

Drawing With Wool

These new scarves are wool line drawings.  The lines meander along the length and width of the base fabric, with an eye as to how the piece will rouche up , and the drape that forms from the manipulation of the fabric.  It is pleasing to work in this free and flowing style.

After Felting

The design laid out


  1. Meandering after my own heart - I love the flow!

  2. Such beautiful beautiful scarves. why is america full of lovely people like you, I want to come to one of your workshops and learn how to make beautiful things, but unfortunately am too far away. I will definitely enjoy coming back here regularly. Please more detail about how you work, how you construct your pieces so i can have a go. I loved the collars too.
    much love Martine

  3. Stumbled into your blog. Very impressive. Love all.

  4. Any chance you have more photos of the scarf on the left? It is magnificent. I just started nuno and I aspire to the greatness of that scarf.