Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Empty Nest

We have been watching and listening, for several weeks now, to baby birds in a nest tucked under a beam in our courtyard.  We could hear them chirping  when we ate dinner out there this week, and wondered how much longer those little ones would be taking up residence just above our heads. Busy at my computer this morning my husband called to me.  "Come here quick, the birds!" I hurried to the window and there he was, the last of the baby birds, standing on the edge of the nest,  obviously working up enough courage to fly for the very first time.  The parents were perched close by singing their encouragement.  Teaching by example they would fly away and then back again to show how it's done.  Message received! Suddenly as we watched, virgin wings began to flutter and a baby chick no more, took to the sky flanked on each side by proud parents.  Burt and I watched the three of them disappear up into the bluest sky.  Such a beautiful thing.  


  1. How amazing that you were there to witness this little guy's big moment!

  2. It's rare you get see such a gift, good observational skills were at hand.