Thursday, April 9, 2009


Duncan is my daughters pup.  Duncan loves his toys and this little blue one is his favorite.  I made this Nuno Felt Bolster pillow for my daughter's birthday.  I have more of them in my Etsy Shop, and hope whoever buys one loves it as much as Duncan loves this one. Isn't he the cleverest dog, to choose a toy that is color co-ordinated with the bolster pillow? 


  1. Duncan is adorable! And the pillow is lovely :)

  2. duncan is a lovely puppy! is he a bichon frisé?
    our dog is a bichon,she is 12 month old and her name is liana.

  3. Duncan is sooo handsome! We can just tell from the photo that he is extremely smart too.
    We think he must be one of the best dogs in the whole world. It is obvious that he has great taste in decorating as well.