Sunday, December 13, 2009

Talented Friends

These past few days were filled with creativity and inspiration, when our friends Mimi and Allen came to visit. A few years ago I taught Mimi Nuno Felt, and she has been hooked ever since. You can see Mimi's Scarves, Vessels, and Wall Panels on the web site she shares with her husband Allen. Allen creates clever and intriguing Photomontage Prints. This one hangs in our bedroom. Being a master at PhotoShop, Allen does amazing Restoration Of Old Photos. He claims to be "changing the world one photo at a time". See for your self!

Mimi laying out a scarf in shades of soft lavender

It was a dark rainy day so I felt the urge to use lots of color

I also worked on this little cashmere sweater.
Originally a woman's garment
which my washing machine felted down to little girl size.

To give it an heirloom look,
I stitched a flowered ribbon along the neck, hem and sleeve edges

Mimi has two darling granddaughters who
will take turns growing into it.
Can't wait to see pictures of them enveloped in it's cashmere softness.

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